Business Day Events

Financial Mail & Business Day Investment Summit

Deciding where to invest is one of the most important and complex decisions one can make. Thanks to the Investment Summit, brought to you by Business Day and Financial Mail, there’s no better place to gain insights into growing, managing and maintaining high returns. The Investment Summit caters for all by sharing valuable knowledge of some of South Africa’s most revered financial minds.

Business Day Investor Relations & Strategic Communications

The financial success of running a listed company is any CEO’s top priority. Communicating the wellbeing of that company is not only a legal requirement, but the cornerstone of sound stakeholder (investor) relations. Understanding exactly how important those corporate communications are, specifically in today’s world, is something executives in a strategic role should master. For the second year, Business Day offers a fresh format delivering relevant, value-for-money content in one, power-packed morning.

Business Day Dialogues

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Business Day Breakfast Dialogues incorporate a keynote address and a exoert panel discussion on a topic (to be agreed in consultation with the sponsoring partner and the Editor).  With 100 Business Day readers and industry captains present, this bespoke opportunity provides partners with an excellent thought leadership platform.