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For more than 100 years we’ve been bringing you ground-breaking, history making, future shaping content – articles and stories that add to the rich tapestry of South Africa’s popular culture - from investigative reporting that sets the nation’s news agenda, through to the latest and most relevant homemaking, travel, motoring, music, broadcasting, film, art, sport and business news.

In 2016, Times Media raises the bar even further with technological advancements that will mark a new era of news telling in the digital age - a multimedia mecca. And, TMAdroom is the place to be for preferential access to in-depth, up-to-the-minute, enthralling updates, opportunities, and media offerings across all of our titles and platforms as they become available.

Stay in touch and in the loop with every media innovation at your disposal, including niche marketing opportunities that our sales team are always happy to share with you. As thought leaders in key industries such as Finance and Investment, Media and Marketing, Property, and Youth development – you can expect front-row invites to South Africa’s leading conferences, emporiums, and dialogues at consistently successful events including Sunday Times GenNext, Top Brands, Leaders on the Move, the Amara Recruitment Advertising Awards, SA Radio Awards, Adfocus, Media Indaba, Property Investment Summit, The Director’s Event, Green Economy, and other fantastic initiatives geared towards developing our country’s economic and social wellbeing. This is beyond receiving access to tailored, insightful, intelligent, and engaging news.

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Did you know?

Times Media launched a mobile shopping discounts app, DealHound, towards the end of December 2015. It gives shoppers special retail offers in their neighbourhoods. Over 900 registrations have been recorded since its launch, and users are having a fun time with it right now. Download the DealHound free mobile shopping app at