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Editor: Iain Low
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Frequency: Annual

In Partnership with: South African Institute of Architects (SAIA).

The Digest of South African Architecture is the official publication endorsed by the SA Institute of Architects. This magazine is a showcase of the finest work completed by South African Architects each year.

The publication offers appropriate editorial content focusing on innovative designs, technical advances and fresh concepts. A showcase for new developments, this publication serves as an ongoing source of reference for professionals and students in South Africa.

Published as a full-colour, glossy and perfect-bound volume, the editorial content is selected from national submissions by the SAIA.
The Success of this publication is measured through the response of the readership, the breadth and scope of the reach into the built environment profession as well as the demand for additional copies. Interest from abroad is also a good measure of global relevance. The above success is directly related to the demand for advertising space which reflects a good resonance with the support industries.


  • Controlled free circulation to members of the Institute of Architects, Guild of Interior Designers and Associated Professionals
  • CNA, Exclusive Books and other news agencies nationwide