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IGNITION is South Africa’s first television channel dedicated entirely to all things motoring. Broadcasting 24/7 on DStv Channel 189, IGNITION is not just for people who love cars, it’s for people who live them.

From new cars and reviews to motorsport, bikes and trucks, if it has wheels it will be covered. Our niche motoring environment offers advertisers a well-defined, focused audience of serious petrol heads as well as those who simply want to know more about cars, and enjoy learning about them. Our viewers are brand loyal and highly opinionated: they are the go-to guys when their friends and family want to know something about cars.

We’re proudly South African with around 25% of our content sourced locally. In-house productions including IGNITION GT, Buyer’s Guide, Petrolheads and Tuned in SA have proved big hits with our viewers, while 4x4’ing, biking and rodding shows offer expert opinion and advice from external producers. International documentaries bring compelling viewing on the great motoring marques of yesteryear and the future, while our weekly auto shows from overseas keep viewers up to speed with the global motoring environment. The inclusion of entertainment shows with a motoring angle ensures even non-petrol heads can enjoy IGNITION.
Available on both the Premium and Compact DStv bouquets, IGNITION broadcasts across Southern Africa, reaching nine different African countries. Twenty hours of fresh content per week premiers on a Saturday with repeats throughout the week. Weekday prime time is from 6pm - 11pm.

The passion and necessity for cars in South Africa cuts across racial, gender and age lines. IGNITION is unique in its ability to bring motor-mad South Africans all together in one place but also to hold the attention of non-motoring people through our entertaining and engaging content.

Viewership P4W
614 000
Viewership P7D
413 000

Average Age
Average Age
15 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 49 50+
32% 27% 27% 14%

0% 12% 37% 51%
LSM 1-4 LSM 5-6 LSM 7-8 LSM 9-10
Black: 62%
Coloured: 11%
Indian: 6%
White: 21%
Average House Income: R25,262
Male: 74%
Female: 26%
Working Status: 51%
Average Personal Income: R13 147

Upto Some High: 27%
Matric: 36%
Tertiary: 36%
Viewership By Province
Gauteng: 45%
Kwazulu natal: 13%
Eastern Cape: 8%
Western Cape: 13%
Northern Cape: 2%
Freestate: 3%
North West: 8%
Mpumalanga: 4%
Limpopo: 3%

Source: AMPS 2014AB


IGNITION viewers are young, proudly South African and proud of their personal vehicles. They enjoy going to sporting events or just going out with friends. They are at ease with technology and aspire to a premium lifestyle. They love to dress well, own the right brands and strive to be original and different. They believe advertising is a useful source of information about the right brands, where products can be bought and about the benefits of particular products and services.