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Namibia’s best kept advertising secret. One Africa Television is the only private commercial free-to-air television station in Namibia, and has been broadcasting a well received service for more than a decade. The station’s studios are in the CBD of the capital city Windhoek.

One Africa built a strong audience by providing an open platform for local music and local independent news, complimented by popular regional and international shows, and consistently delivers the largest urban audience of any commercial media in the country.

One Africa Television operates its own analogue network of 29 transmitters in the major urban centres across the country, and the channel is available on Digital Terrestrial via the National DTT network and Multichoice’s GoTV platform. Viewers can also access One Africa on channel 284 on DStv or on DStv Mobile.

One Africa has helped many local brands become household names, and continues to provide advertisers with reliable access to Namibia’s young up and coming urban population.

People who watch One Africa TV
Viewership P4W
Viewership P7D

Average Age
Average Age
15 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 49 50+
24.05% 19.05% 18.42% 21.89%

24.05% 19.05% 18.42% 21.89%
LSM 1-4 LSM 5-6 LSM 7-8 LSM 9-10
Black: 19,66%
Coloured: 45,78%
Indian: 25,67%
White: 31,53%
Average House Income: 5,67%
Male: 19,66%
Female: 45,78%
Working Status: 25,67%
Average Personal Income: 5,67%

Upto Some High: 19,66%
Matric: 45,78%
Tertiary: 25,67%


Viewers of One Africa Television are predominantly urban dwellers. One Africa provides them with entertainment and factual programming, as well as an independent news bulletin that provides local news from a youthful perspective. The viewers make extensive use of mobile technology and social media to keep in touch, take great pride in how they look and are consumers of popular global brands. Music and entertainment are an essential part of their lives. They spend a large amount of time at local malls, socialising and watching television.